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Ephemeral-Garden's Eureka 7 Tv Review

Eureka 7

Rated: 7

The first impression of watching this anime, I was like "Wao, this is so cool! Surfing is cool! Holland is cool! Damn!"

Eureka seveN is pretty cool. The concept of reffing is good. I really like watching how Holland and Renton handle their own LFOs performing tricks and evading attacks so skillfully just by using a single board. I bet Tarzan gliding through the branches must have come from surfing. The art department comes out pretty strong in overall, music comes second. Oh, and one more thing, the character designs are pretty deceiving if you realise that. I've always thought Moondoggie and Holland were cool people. And I was hugely surprised after seeing their real selves in Gekko-go.

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Ephemeral-Garden's Shounen Onmyouji Tv Review

Shounen Onmyouji

Rated: 8

If you put historical and supernatural elements with a good number of action, comedy and romance, you get Shonen Onmyouji! The actions and fighting scenes in this anime is really interesting. With chants, beads, talismans and all kind of different hand figures that I am not known to, I get more insight to the world of onmyouji, although there are some distorted and fantasy touch to it. You're watching Exorcist Japanese style!

The storyline develops slowly nut nicely, and of course, we are first introduced with Masahiro and his friendship with Mokkun, and then we move on to knowing that Seimei is the legendary onmyouji. And then Masahiro is all grown up and we get to see him sneaking out from home at night and see him kicking some demons' butts.

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Ephemeral-Garden's Ginban Kaleidoscope Tv Review

Ginban Kaleidoscope

Rated: 6

The overall presentation was not really that good, but the ending was touching though, although the actual story did not end there. The story is a little cheesy, and it seems like what we can only see in Ginban Kaleidoscope is Tazusa skating around and firing at the medias. Character development is not strong enough, I mean, from all the previous episodes right up to the later ones, it does not actually look like they have any improvement in their relationship. Plus Tazusa looks like a very defensive girl.

Overall, the presentation is not that interesting and satisfying. I'd choose the 12-episode Kamisama Kazoku over Ginban Kaleidoscope. Well, that is just my opinion on this anime.

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Ephemeral-Garden's Nodame Cantabile Tv Review

Nodame Cantabile

Rated: 8

The overall presentation of the anime is thumbs up. The use of CG is not really to my liking, but does not seriously affecting the presentation of the whole anime.

The quirkiness of the characters are sometimes visible in some episodes but once you are concentrated on listening to their orchestra performance you tend to forget about anything. (Well that happened in my case)

Basically, Nodame Cantabile is an interesting story insert with a lot of classical music and also a whole lot dose of comedic scenes which will make you laugh your heart out.

I really enjoyed Nodame Cantabile in overall, but I was really disappointed at the fact that they would not be able to continue the 2nd season due to the lack of budget. I am really looking forward to the next season no matter what.

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Ephemeral-Garden's Zettai Shonen Tv Review

Rated: 7

The overall presentation of Zettai Shonen? Okay I guess. It's really good, but not that good, really. The plot is , well, mainly talking about the existence of material fairies, and maybe some other stuffs which have nothing to do with material fairies at all. Maybe, Shione's and Takuma's unrequited love? Ayumu dating Miki? Rieko has a crush on Shigeki? But that's not important.

The laughable part in Zettai Shonen is less than 5%, maybe. The characters are 100% serious in the story. So don't expect anything dramatic from this anime.

If you like mystery and science fictions, go for it. You're Nanase Hikaru's fan? Listen to it. You like Sekine Masayuki's character designs? Check it out.

But overall, this anime is okay.

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Ephemeral-Garden's Yakitate!! Japan Tv Review

Yakitate!! Japan

Rated: 9

The presentation makes you feel like you're watching Ranma 1/2 - as if there's no end to the anime. It's actually very hard to picture how would Yakitate! Japan actually ended.

Yakitate! Japan, in overall, is great. Moderate music, moderate art, but a huge amount of puns and jokes and useful knowledges on baking bread sum up to how Yakitate! Japan is. The humour is all over the place, we get to see Japan prefectures' special localities, we get to see how to bake all kinds of bread. This anime actually shows how does it feels like to be a baker, and might be a very good use for those who aspires to be a future baker. Well, if you're not, then mostly likely the hilarious puns and parodies will make you fall in love with the anime.

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Ephemeral-Garden's Groove Adventure Rave Manga Review

Groove Adventure Rave

Rated: 9

The overall presentation of the manga is just WHOA! Fashion, adventures, action, weirdos, hot guys, sexy girls, Mashima Hiro takes everything from the real society and depicts them in the manga. In addition to humans and dragon, Mashima Hiro also inserts weird creature to enlighten the story.

I enjoy and love Groove Adventure Rave. There are serious moments, sad moments, wacky moments, crazy moments, romantic moments, everything. You have fashion all over the place, awesome fighting weapons, cute and cool characters, very good storyline and some twists and surprises here and there; it's just good.

There are some comments out there stating Groove Adventure Rave as DBZ wannabe, but I just can't see what is there to compared about these 2, and I can't even see the similarity in it.

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Ephemeral-Garden's Slam Dunk Manga Review

Slam Dunk

Rated: 9

I just enjoy Slam Dunk. No, I enjoy everything from Inoue Takehiko. I play a little basketball but that is just one of the long-listing reasons to why I'm hooked with Slam Dunk. Having a complete collection of Slam Dunk is like owning a pile of gold. Unlike most shounen mangas, Inoue's usually full of guys with countable number of female characters, mostly good-looking ones of course. He don't really draw much about romantic relationships and focuses heavily on basketball matches and character's progression.

The ending is just great. It just leaves you with the feeling like "Owh... that's just great. Awesome. I'm touched to tears." The ending is just something you can't describe with words. But the feeling is just... blissful.

Slam Dunk might be old, but I still love it.

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Ephemeral-Garden's God Family Tv Review

Rated: 8

The overall presentation are just okay. I find it hard to actually like an anime which only runs 13 episodes long but the anime is wonderfully done. There are quite a number of animes which run quite long but having no proper direction in delivering the plot correctly, so I'd say Kamisama Kazoku is very direct. But there are also times when they show you some unexpected cliffhangers which drives you to bite your pillow. (Especially the thing going on between Kumiko and Samatarou, owh I really was worried at the moment) But don't worry, Kamisama Kazoku stays true to the usual anime plot guidelines and is nicely wrapped up like everyone wish it would be.

But I really don't want it to end just there yet though. The closure was great, but I don't think it's enough...

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Ephemeral-Garden's The Law of Ueki Tv Review

The Law of Ueki

Rated: 9

High quality. Supernatural power-concentrated anime with fresh way of power using, with excellent artwork and high quality voice actings and OSTs, OPs and EDs superbly performed to suit the overall mood of the anime, The Law of Ueki is what you get. Seriously, in my opinion, this anime should be at the top 10 on the charts but I really wonder why it's not there. It's very nicely introduced to the audience and it has got me hooked from the beginning till the end. I really have nothing to be complaining about and yes, I'm very satisfied with Studio Deen for completing this anime with such top notch effort noticeable to all Law of Ueki's fans.

But unlike to most anime, romance is very much not available in this series.

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